Cool Jinshanling Great Wall Trip


When you come to China and do not have any concepts what area of Great Walls that you will visit, then I would like to suggest Jinshanling Great Walls. Together with other people from other countries, my spouse and I, we got this Great wall bus journey. Bus journey seems relaxed for us, we could get the best price, get to know other tourists, relaxed van etc. Climbing the Great Walls of Chinese suppliers seems exciting to do, so we made the decision to take this journey.

Our information selected us up right right in front side of our resort every early morning hours and we did take the journey for less than 3 hours. Our small bus was relaxed, so the long way to achieve the Walls was nothing for us. We did get ready ourselves to really increase the Walls, used convenience footwear and informal outfits. We did also not bring too much things with us, just some water as the crucial part that should not be neglected.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Different from others Chinese suppliers Great Walls area, Jinshanling is more likely provides its unique features without renovation as well as recovery. Situated close to Simatai, Jinshaling to Simatai path is also become the preferred hiking path of the Walls. Together with my spouse, I discover the Walls properly and gradually, protection is the best. We did not force too much must researched more the Walls before enough time operates out. Because the information provided us a little bit brief time frame, we must go back to the feet Great Walls of Chinese suppliers Jinshanling area before the lunchtime break. Our brief time frame in Jinshanling we invested so effective and used as our best. We did not spend our time.

OK Jinshanling Great Wall id a real good place for you .when you are in Beijing and want to have a meanful holiday,No matter plan a Great Wall Hiking or Jinshanling Great Wall tour ! Great Wall of china tours choose Jinshanling !





Let’s Make a Trip Hard to Forget

If you have no plan after disembark from cruise ship at Tianjin Xingang Port, why not follow us to enjoy a cheerful Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing transfer and tour. We will take you to Hutong, Lama Temple and Beijing Zoo.


Carries the most of history of China, Hutong is the most reflection of the life of old Beijing. Just small back streets or lanes, Beijing’s history is preserved in the names of its Hutong. Some retain the name of some famous persons who once live here, some are named for famous craftsmen or shops, and some in the name of animals.

Lama Temple

Once, Lama Temple was the palatial residence of emperor Yongzheng when he was just a prince. Now it is the largest and most perfectly preserved lamasery of Gelug Sect in present day Beijing. 

Consisting of seven courtyards in a raw, the dimensions of Lama Temple are magnificent. Lama Temple can be said as treasure house of relics which is indeed an epitome of the religious art of China. 

Beijing Zoo

The most famous animal in Beijing Zoo is the giant panda. Panda is one of the most famous mammals in the world and it looks like a bear. Statistics show that China now has only approximately 1,000 giant pandas living in the wild.

Itinerary of Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing Transfer and Tour

1. We drive to Beijing Zoo first, for about 40 minutes visiting you can see the lovely Giant Pandas.

2. Then move on to the largest Lama Temple of Beijing - Yonghe Temple for 1 hour tour, learning more about the mysterious Tibet style Buddhism temple.

3. Before lunch, you will have 45 minutes to visit the Chinese traditional handicraft silk carpet factory. 

4. After lunch, visit the old Beijing lanes by taking rickshaws for 2 hours to explore the real life of ordinary people in Beijing. 

Tianjin Beijing Tour is a very hot Xingang port Beijing transfer or called Tianjin cruise port Beijing transfer is sure make your Xingang to Beijing Tours full of fun!and you will never forget it !

Fresh Experience of Xingang Port Beijing Transfer

 It takes about 2-3 hours to Beijing from Tianjin Xingang Port. A large number of foreign visitors would like to visit mystery, ancient, and fantastic Beijing. If you have visit many Beijing famous attractions and want to have a fresh experience of Beijing, our one day Beijing cooking learning tour is a good choice. This 1 day Beijing Cooking Learning Tour is a visit of Gaobeidian Village. With private tour service include round way hotel transfer, private tour guide, luxury car, great chef initiate, this 1 day Beijing Cooking Learning Tour is a visit of Gaobeidian Village.

First, we would like to take you to Beijing Cooking School in the morning. There you can learn a few different dishes and see how they are made from beginning to end, learning the secrets of excellent Chinese cooking. Also, if you want to have a personally cook, those excellent chefs would stand next to you and give you a hand when you needed. And you will have these delicious foods as your lunch at the school canteen. After lunch, we shall move to visit a local market directly. That is the place where local people go shopping for preparing the meals. Also, if you want to prepare some materials for your dinner, you could buy some. Later, we will go on to one of the branches of?Daoxiangcun Foodstuffs Store. It is a time-honored store and it used to serve for the royal family and governmental officials in the Qing Dynasty. Now it is open to almost anyone and has become one of the must-have snacks of Beijing.

Then go to Beijing Gaobeidian Village that is about 10 km away from Beijing downtowm. There you could see the Tonghui River. It is a part of man-made ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal and it has a history of one thousand years. At last, you could visit a local famer's house, talking with the locals, having tea, taking part in making the dinner-dumpling and having dinner with the family. They are very kindly.

Ok! Now You can enjoy the fun of Xingang port Beijing transfer


Do You Want to Have a Wonderful 72 Hour Visa free Transit Tour in Beijing ?

Are your flight landed in Beijing? Do you have to transit in Beijing? Chinese has published policy that passengers can transit in Beijing for 72 hours? Would you like enjoy a visa free Beijing tour?

Here we design 3 days visa free Beijing family tour package with hotel. If you want to travel in Beijing city, please pick your mobile or email us at your convenience. We are waiting for you here. Itinerary of 3 days visa free Beijing family tour package with hotel

Day 1

The first destination of your 3 days visa free Beijing family tour package is Temple of Heaven. After that, you will take to visit the Chinese traditional handicraft silk carpet factory. And in the evening, you are arranged to enjoy the Mongolian Hot Pot and Kongfu Show.

Temple of Heaven: As the largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China, Temple of Heaven was used for sacrifice and prayed for harvest in ancient times.

Day 2

We shall head to Tiananmen Square, then move to Forbidden City. In the afternoon, we shall transfer to Summer Place. Also, on the way to Summer Palace, you will have a chance to visit the Chinese traditional medicine culture.

Tiananmen Square: Located in the center of Beijing and stands the heart of Beijing, Tiananmen Square is the largest public square in the world with a total area of 440,000 square meters.

Forbidden City: Best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world, Forbidden City was a forbidden area to common people. It was use for holding conference and emperors resided there.

Summer Palace: The largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, and greatly influences Chinese horticulture.

Day 3

The last day, we shall visit Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs. And at the end of this visa free Beijing tour, you could have an out view of Bird’s Nest.

Mutianyu Great Wall: Built during the Northern Qi Dynasty in the mid-sixth century, Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section.

Ming Tombs: Buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty, the Ming Tombs is the largest clusters of imperial cemeteries in China.

Bird’s Nest: For its shape like a big nest which embraces and nurses human beings, Bird’s Nest was built for Olympic Game Beijing 2008. Now it is a landmark in Beijing after Olympic Games.

All of these famous sightseeing, we wish bring you a wonderful visa free Beijing tour.

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Do Xingang Port Beijing Transfer Tours after Arriving at Tianjin Xingang Port?

After your cruise ship docked at Tianjin Xingang Port, I recommend Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing transfer and tour to you. Beijing is an ancient city where you can see world known buildings such as Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Built in the 4th year of Yongle reign, Ming dynasty, this magnificent, solemn and palatial complex is the largest wooden cluster in existence in the world today.

Tiananmen Square

Not far away from Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square used to be a forbidden area during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is regarded as the largest public square in the world that can hold one million people. 

Surrounded by lofty walls on all sides, there are gates on each side of Tiananmen Square. Over several hundred years, in front of the Tiananmen, many democracy meetings and demonstrations were held. Today, many import events also hold here. 

Badaling Great Wall

As the saying goes” He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.” So Badaling Great Wall is a must for your Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing transfer and tour. 

While you excursion on Badaling Great Wall, you may feel as if exposure to the ancient times. In the history, Badaling Great Wall was used as a massive defense system, and its function was to protect the Juyongguan Pass. As its name implies it gives access to every direction. 

With an elevation of 600 meters, the fortress of Badaling Great Wall was built in 1505. A gate-tower stands at either side of the fortress.  

Itinerary of One Day Beijing Bus Tour

First of all, we get to the Tiananmen Square for sightseeing about 40 minutes. Then walk to the Forbidden City.

Next, Then driving one hour to Changping County after lunch. Therewe could view the grand Badaling Great Wall

Finally, you will have the chance to visit the Chinese traditional medicine culture while we back to your hotel.

Here we are waiting for you and wish you enjoy this Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing transfer and tour. 

Ok! Now You can enjoy the fun of Xingang Port Beijing transfer tours! Just join Xingang Port Beijing transfer feel the happy time of your Tianjin Beijing tours!


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Visit Famous Great Wall Hiking in Beijing

With rich and abundant resources, history and culture, China is really a good place for visiting. Anyone city in China owns many worthy spots to visit, so no matter you like which one, you will have an feast of sight. With the development of China, China city tour becomes the focus of world tourist, and the China tour package is hotter for visitors. Listing the cities, I will introduce you the interesting and famous scenic spots in these cities.
Beijing, the capital of China, is the tourist holy land in China, with various historical and cultural sites from generation to generation. Great Wall tours, Beijing Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Hutong and panda all are the attractive spots for people, especially the foreign tourists. Almost everyone come to China first time, he or she will visit Beijing, this famous and typical Chinese city. So many attractions to visit, visitors prefer to book the Beijing car rental tour to enjoy the history and culture of China.
As well as Beijing, Xian is also an ancient capital city, still is inherited various sites from Qin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty which are the most flourishing times in ancient China. Beijing Xian tour is a great chance to visit the most majestic times of China, and many people choose to take the train from Beijing to Xian to appreciate the views along the railway from Beijing tour to Xian tour. At same time, Terracotta Warriors tours are the must-visit tours in Xian.
What are the most famous and attractive in China? The mountain and river! Gathering the beautiful water and mountain, Guilin is the good place. There is an old saying in China, the mountain and river of Guilin is the first in the world. Just these words, Guilin tour listed before for tourists in China, to enjoy the Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River, etc.
The Huangshan, also known as the Yellow Mountain, is located at south of Anhui Province, is the holy land of Taoism with various historical remains and sites, is one of the three famous mountains in China. So, Huangshan tour is must tour if you want to appreciate the view of mountain.
Also, the Zhangjiajie is the good palce to enjoy the unique mountains, is located at Hunan Province. The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of the must-see in Zhangjiajie tour, with many unique and characteristic mountains and hills.
And, if you really like China, Lhasa tour, Tibet tour, Yunnan tour all are contains the strange and mysterious places and spots, and these places are the ideal visiting place for travelers come to China.

Enjoy 72 hours Visa-free stay in Beijing Holiday Package

What do you think of China? Would you like China tour? It leads you to visit the most famous places and scenic spots covering all over China. A wonderful China tour must be a china package tour to enjoy many famous cities. Offered by local China travel agency, China tour packages include various interesting routes, such as Best China Tour, Yangtze River Cruise Tour, Tibet Tour, Silk Road Tour, etc. All these spotlights tour routes provide complete China travel service to everyone who wants to wander in China to view its majestic scenery.
Refer to China, you must think of Beijing which is the capital city for long time. Almost everyone hears its name, no matter its political status, economical status or the famous heritages. As ancient capital of China, Beijing inherited various historical sites and cultural relics which are all the worthy places to visit in Beijing, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, etc. With the increasing reputation, Beijing travel becomes one of what to do in Beijing. According to the demands of tourists, Beijing travel agency divides Beijing tour into Beijing bus tour, Beijing private tour, Beijing day tour and Beijing package tour generally.
During so many places to see in Beijing, the symbols of Beijing you must visit. The Badaling Great Wall is the sixteen world wonder, is the symbol of Beijing, even China. There is an old saying that one who fails to reach the Great Wall of China tours is not a true man, so everyone visiting Beijing must hike the Great Wall to prove you are a true man; the Forbidden City is located at center of Beijing, is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world, attracts tourists by its special architecture; Peking Roast Duck is the must-taste dish when you come to Beijing, also it is famous all over the world; and the Silk Market is now a shopping mall for foreign tourists who like Chinese traditional products, such as silk, china, etc. These four are all the necessary thins to do in Beijing.
Besides the highlights in day time, Beijing nigh life is also abundant, including the Peking Opera show, Kung fu show and acrobatics show, and you can also book the night bike tour in summer to enjoy the beautiful night view of Beijing. Happy China tour starts from Beijing!